When you go away on vacation
Give your dog one too!

Your dog will be pampered 24 hours a day by a professional staff dedicated to providing a safe and happy environment.

Our parks are designed to give our dog guests hours of outdoor fun and exercise, with lots of new friends with to play with all day long.

From Dawn ’til Dusk, every day brings
New Adventures!
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Canyon View Ranch offers a daily shuttle to pick up
and drop off your dog right to your home.
$25-$45 per trip (depending on mileage)
each additional dog in the family is $10

Monday thru Saturday between 11am and 4pm


We provide grooming for dogs while staying with us so that all our guests return home clean and ready for some hugs from you.

Many of our clients first heard about us through a recommendation from a friend or neighbor. We consider that the highest compliment. Here are just a few of the emails and notes from some of our devoted clients.

Our Grooming Rates

• Bathing/Brushing


Depending on coat length & condition. Includes nail trim, ear & eye cleaning.

• Nail Trim Only


• De-matting or Brush-out

$24 per hour

6:30 am - Wake-up time and morning exercise.

7:30 am - Breakfast

8 am - Morning nap-time

9 am - Back outside to romp in the yards and the pool

12:30 Siesta

2:00 Dinner

3:15 Back outside for more playtime

5:30 Biscuit break

6:30 Back outside for even more playtime

7:45 Everybody inside for Bed Check

8:00 pm Lights Out